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Translation :Myojo May 2010 HS7's part (JUMP's member selection)  

HSJ 7 member thought INOO KEI is a…. person?

I only take inoo part...

(There are the whole interview translation in here)


 The member who seems often go to beauty saloon?
Yamada: Takaki. Your hair is beautiful. Are you often take care it to beauty salon?
Chinen: Okamoto. He always go to there, because I know that! kenken: because you always go to there together with Keito, right Chinen? :D
Yuto: Inoo Kei. Because he does permanent wave at his hair, he being often to go there.
Ryutaro: Okamoto. I can prejudice that from his hairstyle.
Keito: Yaotome. Because he has to change his hair color frequently in saloon. 

 The member who seems to has beautiful foot fingers?
Yamada: Inoo Kei. Because his hand fingers are beautifully slender, so his foot fingers certainly also beautiful, right?
Chinen: Inoo Kei. Because his hand fingers are beautiful, so his foot fingers are more beautiful!
Yuto: Yuto. Mine. I think others’ foot has long hair.
Ryutaro: Inoo Kei. Because his hand fingers are beautiful, so maybe his foot fingers are beautiful too.
Keito: Yaotome. Because his foot fingers always match with foot finger socks (laugh). 

The member who strong in Jyanken (note:rock-scissors-paper-game)?
Yamada: Yamada. Anytime I play Jyanken, I won’t defeated!
Chinen: Yaotome. Hikaru-kun, he is really strong in every match (of Jyanken).
Yuto: Chinen. I know the method to get certain victory in Jyanken by Chinen’s teaching.
Ryutaro: Chinen. Because he has the type who can raises a miracle in the last.
Keito: Inoo Kei. He seems strong, and has a lucky face, 

 The member who seems weak in quarrel/fighting?
Yamada: Ryutaro. Even though, he tries to appear smart, but honestly he is weak.
Chinen: Ryutaro. Because he is younger than me, so I think he is not strong.
Yuto: Okamoto. Even if he is strong, maybe he won’t fight because he is conscience person.
Ryutaro: Arioka. Before this, if I had fun with him in wrestle game, I always win. kenken: you’re shameful, Daiki…XD
Keito: Inoo Kei. Even if he had a fight, he will face it snappingly.

The member who seems can become a politician?
Yamada: Inoo Kei. In university, maybe he studies about politics that difficult, because he seems work hard.
Chinen: Inoo Kei. Because he attends to university, maybe there’s future like that for him!?
Yuto: Takaki. If he must decide something, he does it earnestly, it seems like politicians.
Ryutaro: Inoo Kei. His face already looked a like politician. It seems Inoo Kei-daijin (note: Daijin is Cabinet Minister)  
Keito: Yaotome. By the way, I certainly won’t give my vote to him (laugh).  

The member who seems knows about computer very well?
Yamada: Chinen. When the sound not comes out from my PC, he taught me the method to use it.
Chinen: Okamoto. For some reasons, he is really clever about that. I want him to teach me more.
Yuto: Yaotome. When he used glasses, he looks a like intellectual.
Ryutaro: Arioka. Even though he teaches me, I never listening him (laugh).
Keito: Inoo Kei. He knows about computer well. If I don’t understand something about computer, I’ll ask him

 The member who good at car driving?
Yamada: Takaki. His image is really suitable with car. I want him to drive someday.
Chinen: Yaotome. For some reason, if Hikaru-kun who drive the car, I feel relief.
Yuto: Chinen. If I remember him when play the game, I think he seems can drive!
Ryutaro: Ryutaro. I am a grandchild of grandfather who has job related with car!
Keito: Inoo Kei. Because he has had driving license. As a university’s student, I think his driving is good too.

The award for best couple?
Yamada: Okamoto and Arioka. Eventhough it’s a bit shy, Daichan leads Keito.
Chinen: Yabu and Inoo Kei. Because they talked like a couple in concert,
Yuto: Yabu and Yaotome. Because their relationship has developing since olden days, they get accustomed to playful each other.
Ryutaro: Chinen and Okamoto. In the car, Chinen sleep at Keito’s shoulder.
Keito: Yuuto and Inoo Kei. I can see the relationship obviously in MC part. 

 The award for best boke and tsukkomi? (note: tsukomi and boke is comedy culture in Japan, Boke is the person who always do misunderstanding or forgetfulness, while Tsukkomi is the person who correcting boke’s errors)
Yamada: Yamada and Yaotome. I am the one who choose the plainness of Hikaru-kun as Boke’s role
Chinen: Yaotome and Inoo Kei. Because they often do role exchange as Tsukkomi and Boke to make a joke.
Yuto: Chinen and Yuto. Because Chinen’s brain rotation is really fast, he becomes Tsukkomi.
Ryutaro: Yabu and Inoo Kei. At Yabu-kun’s gag, Inoo-chan often becomes Tsukkomi.
Keito: Yaotome and Inoo Kei. When I hear their conversation, it seems interesting. 

The award for the couple who rarely to chat/talk together?
Yamada: Inoo Kei and Takaki. They seems do a little contact, I wonder what they will talk if they together.
Chinen: Yuto and Takaki. I hear it from Takaki-kun, he admits it (laugh).
Yuto: Chinen and Inoo Kei. I don’t remember if they ever chat/talk together!
Ryutaro: Inoo Kei and Takaki. I never see these 2 persons have a conversation together!!
Keito: Yamada and Nakajima. Because they have difference hobby, Yamada likes Manga, Yuuto likes Music. kenken: how come Keito?? It’s Yamajima! XD

Credit: KENKEN18


omg..i forget to wish happy birthday to our daichan...
happy birthday
all the best n i will pray that u can grow taller...
wish u have a happy day..


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Apr. 16th, 2010 11:46 am (UTC)
ryu-chan weak in fighting!?
ea!?honto ni?
yada yo..!
my ryu-chan need to practice karate wit matsumura hokuto.haha.^_^
Apr. 16th, 2010 11:49 am (UTC)
haha..so funny..
tis is only half ne..if u 1 2 c full d u ned to go kenken18..
i made tis repost tis 4 inoo..
sorry..nvm i will try make to ryutaro too nxt time..
Apr. 16th, 2010 11:53 am (UTC)
anyway i see ryu-chan rabu rabu here.
(♥_♥) hehe.
Apr. 16th, 2010 12:07 pm (UTC)
rabu rabu..wat does tis mean..if bm mean rabu wednesday ...
Apr. 16th, 2010 02:19 pm (UTC)
the japanese people usually called love as rabu.
so,im also gonna call love as rabu.
for ur information,the japanese people usually cant talk english properly.so,they do it in their way.
Apr. 16th, 2010 05:05 pm (UTC)
so it mean rabu is love lo...
oic,thx ne..
Apr. 16th, 2010 11:48 am (UTC)
i think the best couple is yabu n inoo.
coz yabu look like a father of hsj and inoo look like a mother og hsj.hehe ^_^
Apr. 16th, 2010 11:51 am (UTC)
haha,u know then so well...
haha,inoo like mother ah??..reali, did he cook 4 the member..
but i m sure ryutaro like baby for hsj..but it seem chinen more lok like the youngest...
Apr. 16th, 2010 12:00 pm (UTC)
this is b`coz chinen is the shortest one.
he like to make a cute face and like to get attention too.
for ur information, chinen always caring about ryutaro.chinen even call ryutaro as ryuu-chan
here the prove:
Chinen: Like Morimoto? Ryutaro? Ryuu-chan?
Ryutaro: (laugh)
Chinen: I always call you Ryuu-chan.
Ryutaro: (laughs) Only Chinen-kun calls me that.

u can see it in my blog ->http://sakistory.blogspot.com/2010/04/hey-say-7-ultra-power.html
Apr. 16th, 2010 12:05 pm (UTC)
oya,i got c the translation..so funny neh...thx o...
Apr. 16th, 2010 12:07 pm (UTC)
u r welcome
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